For Brooklyn’s Love


At the end of last year, I shared my title and synopsis for my upcoming Contemporary Romance release, For Brooklyn’s Love. I’ve decided to share all the covers in the Philadelphia Heights Series, with you guys. I’m also going to share Granting Tessa’s Wish, synopsis this week.

I’m excited about the adrenaline rush of waiting to see how you feel about my new characters and the jitters of release day. Will you love Brooklyn and Barry as much as I do? Will you understand her story? Will you appreciate that I write romance without sex? I believe a great story can be told without sexual scenes and that we all are old enough to use our imaginations (LOL).

One of my favorite authors, Sheila Copeland, was a great example of this. I loved every last one of her books and let me tell you, she killed the romance scene. She is a Christian author, like me, and was able to pull me in without using sex. Kimberla Lawson Roby is another one who showed me it can be done.

I still love some of my favorite writers, B. Love, Christina C. Jones, Alexandria House, Stephanie Nicole Norris and my new fave, Chelsea Maria, and I will continue to support. But I know God led me to write Contemporary Romance with Christian elements because there are a group of women out there, like me, who long to please God in our real lives and in the entertainment we choose.

On that note, check out the Facebook banner I made for the upcoming series. If you haven’t read For Brooklyn’s Love synopsis, you can check it out on my Books Page. Please comment below so we can catch up. I pray you’re having a blessed 2019 so far.

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