Granting Tessa’s Wish Synopsis

Granting Tessa's Wish Cover 3Tessa Cordoza is excited for her best friends, Brooklyn and Laila. They’re doing extremely well with their businesses and Brooklyn is now married, but Tessa hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of entrepreneurship, let alone encounter a man who wants to give her the world. In frustration, she enrolled in an accelerated one-year nursing degree program, hoping to at least secure a job with stable income and to find out what her passion is.

On the one-year anniversary of her being a nurse, she ends up helping out an ER patient by the name of Grant. As soon as their eyes lock, recognition sets in. He remembers her as Brooklyn’s best friend and she remembers him as Barry’s client, which explains the arm sprain that the infamous boxer, who has a 32-1 record, came in with.

He asks her out to dinner only to be shot down and met with sarcasm, but he doesn’t give up. At a youth event hosted by Barry and Brooklyn, Tessa comes to support and runs into Grant again. As she listens to Grant speak about his childhood at the event, learning that his family was killed in a house fire when he was thirteen, allows her to see a different side of him. This time when he asks, she says ‘yes’.

As Tessa and Grant begin to court, Grant’s past comes back to haunt him when Joey, a former friend of his, gets out of jail early and comes looking for him. Hoping to cash in on Grant’s success, he threatens to tell the world that Grant was a part of the robbery and murder that landed him in jail – something nobody ever knew.

To make matters worse, Tessa’s sister, Candice, has decided she wants to get even with her sister for taking over her dream of being a nurse. It was Candice who talked about it since she was young, only she struggled to finish college because of her irresponsible behavior. When Tessa finishes the degree in a year, their parents gloat over her and Candice’s childhood bitterness toward Tessa returns.

Will Grant and Tessa be able to overcome their personal challenges in order to come together and give each other the love they both desire or will their past demons be too much for their new courtship to handle? Find out in the second part of The Philadelphia Heights Series.


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